Series: Beauty & the Geek

Beauty & the Geek: Stealth Cosplay – Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl!

So last Beauty and the Geek feature I went simple and clean with a Stealth Cosplay inspired by Anya Corazon, aka Spider-girl. This week I wanted to switch things up, try something a little more ambitious, and switch sides. This week’s Beauty and the Geek is all about stealth cosplaying the one and only Cassie Sandsmark AKA Wonder Girl! Cassie Sandsmark is the third character to identify under the Wonder Girl moniker, the second being Donna Troy. She is one of the powerhouse members of Young Justice and Teen Titans. What I’ve loved about Cassie Sandsmark since reading her first appearance...

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Beauty & the Geek: Stealth Cosplay – Anya Corazon

Stealth Cosplay is the practice of cosplaying—dressing up as a fictional character—in casual to professional settings. On Stealth Cosplay’s tumblr their tag line is: “for people who like to cosplay in public and keep their job,” which is Stealth Cosplay in a nutshell. I love cosplay, though I haven’t created any specific costumes for myself—one day!—I love the thought, care, and craftsmanship that goes into cosplay. Hair, makeup, clothing: it all goes together to create one cohesive real-life interpretation of a character. A living embodiment that captures not only the character, but a moment in time when a fan can...

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Beauty & the Geek: Casual Costuming, Steampunk Style

In my last two Beauty and the Geek posts, I focused on Stealth Cosplay. Specifically stealth cosplay modeled after Anya Corazon and Cassie Sandsmark. This time I wanted to try something different, inspired by my time spent at Collective Con, Jacksonville’s first big pop culture convention, where I dressed up in what I call “Casual Costuming.” Unlike cosplay, costuming is typically based off a specific genre, like Steampunk, Pin-up, or the Renaissance. A lot of times cosplayers combine the two, cosplay and costuming, and create some truly inspiring looks. I love the idea of these genre/era inspired costumes, but they...

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