Series: A Whistle-Stop History of Fanfiction

A Whistle-Stop History of Fanfiction

Welcome to a Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction. Love it or loath it, many of us nerds know about fanfiction. It’s a huge part of modern fandom that ranges all the way from 200 word flash fiction to epic multi-chapter novels, but when did fanfiction start being part of the way we view fandom, and what is the driving force behind it? In this series of articles I’m going dive into the world of fanfic; looking into its history and the idea that fanfiction springs from a predominantly female and queer part of fandom. First things first, let’s just establish...

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A Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction: Part Two

Last time on Holly’s Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction, I discussed the idea that a lot of what is often considered classic literature in fact sprung from fanfiction, stories about existing characters, or people, with a few tweaks and name changes. Which is all very well, but I’m sure some of you are there saying “yes, but it’s not really fanfic, at least not how we know it” and I will concede to that, if only because these pieces were contained within very small fan communities, predominantly family groups, rather than in wider reaching fandoms. And so in that...

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A Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction: Part 3

Previously on The Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction, we have talked about the Bronte Sisters creating fictional worlds for Wellington to dash around in, the Austen Family writing fic for the lovely Jane, if Star Trek is the granddaddy of fandom, and does the Tolkien Society need to get over itself? See parts one and two if you haven’t already.  But now we must move swiftly on to the last part of this journey,  into the modern age of fandom. As we all know, in 1983 the internet was invented, and in 1990 it became widely available. And with the...

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