• The Power & Magic in Queer Witch Comics

    The Power & Magic in Queer Witch Comics0

    One night about eight months ago, Joamette Gil had an epiphany. Her skills as a writer, cartoonist, and illustrator, her Afro-Cuban roots, her interdisciplinary degree in social justice and psychology, and perhaps more than a little magic came together to form the idea that would become Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology. Initially, the “witch”

  • Finding the Kids Comics Market

    Finding the Kids Comics Market0

    Gone are the days of parents rolling their eyes in exasperation as little Suzie begs for the latest issue of Spider-Man, carefully placed near the candy bars at the grocery store check-out. Archie Comics might still appear in that coveted spot above the latest issue of The Enquirer, but long gone is the variety of

  • Fantasy Sports: Morally Grey Wizards Play Basketball

    Fantasy Sports: Morally Grey Wizards Play Basketball0

    Fantasy Sports No. 1 Sam Bosma Nobrow Press Whether you’re suffering post-SPX withdrawal or are reflecting on your tragically SPX-free weekend, I’m sure you’re curious about the Ignatz winners. Who are these earnest indie creators picking up awards? Should I buy these books? I can enthusiastically say yes, buy them all and do it now,

  • Bombshells and Broken Backs

    Bombshells and Broken Backs3

    I don’t read a lot of single issues anymore. On a grad student budget, for both time and cash, it makes more sense to just pick up trades and catch up on series I enjoy when I can. For no other series is that more true than for DC’s Bombshells, the Marguerite Bennett and Sauvage-led weekly series.

  • Why Your School Library Needs QUEER: A Graphic History

    Why Your School Library Needs QUEER: A Graphic History0

    QUEER: A Graphic History Julia Scheele & Meg-John Barker Icon Books September 2016 QUEER: A Graphic History is the gender and sexuality textbook every school library should stock–on every shelf. It runs at an unrelenting pace, if you keep turning the pages, but each leaf has enough information and suggestion packed into a short paragraph

  • A Study in Pink: Cartooning Sherlock Queerly (At Last)

    A Study in Pink: Cartooning Sherlock Queerly (At Last)0

    I have never been a fan of comic riffs based off of live-action television and films. The cartoonists that get hired to draw them seem to get hired for one purpose: to perfectly render the likenesses of the actors from the original. What I love about a television show are so rarely the actors, I