Author: Zainabb Hull

Backlight: The Film Industry Is Toxic But There’s Still Hope

This week, we saw more news around Weinstein (who’s shocked?) but it hasn’t all been grim. People within the industry are standing up and making a difference, whether it’s through sharing their stories, breaking ties with The Weinstein Company, or focusing their efforts on better causes. We also have some exciting and heartwarming projects from diverse creators, which is a timely reminder not to lose all hope in the film and television industry. The Weinstein Debacle Continues But It’s Not All Bad News This week saw more stories of sexual harassment, including Amanda Segel’s accusations of Bob Weinstein and Lupita...

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9 Witchy Films To Make Your Hallowe’en Magical

Hallowe’en is a time of year often associated with magic, spirituality, and witchcraft. In many religions and cultures, it’s a time to remember and celebrate the dead. For witches, it signals greater access to (and from!) the spiritual world. For some, the idea of spirits and fairy-folk entering the human world can seem pretty spooky, but witchcraft is an empowering practice, especially for women and non-binary folk. Witchcraft is a way to connect with the world around you, to yourself, and to other witches. It’s a way of reclaiming power and agency. It can be a tool to self-soothe,...

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Backlight: Harassment Ain’t Cool

Content warning: sexual abuse Well, it’s been another bleak week for sexual harassment in film and TV, but don’t lose all hope! Upcoming projects from diverse creators showcase the originality, creativity, and inclusivity that creators of colour and female creators can bring to our screens. Harry Knowles Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Harry Knowles has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least five women. Knowles is the founder of Ain’t It Cool News and has “stepped away” from the site amidst the allegations. This comes after last week’s news that Ain’t It Cool News would...

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Heated Gaming Moments: What’s Acceptable? (Not Racism)

Felix Kjellberg once again has said something racist. In a livestream last week he used a racist slur. Noted buffoon Ian Miles Cheong chose to mischaracterise this as understandable; as Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, let loose the term whilst in a “heated gaming moment”–angry because he was momentarily losing at a game–Cheong suggested that both the phrase and its use were meaningless. In fact, of course, what a person has allowed themselves to become comfortable proclaiming (internally or externally) is what will come out of their mouth when they are excited and cross. If Kjellberg is comfortable with...

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Backlight: Black Films And TV Shows To Shout About

This week gave us lots of announcements and news on amazing projects from all over the world. We heard progress updates on a bunch of projects from black creative teams, plus exciting Oscar news and queer film trailers. A Tamir Rice Movie Is In Development A movie is being developed based on the fatal shooting of twelve-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014. Shadow and Act reported that Rice’s mother, Samaria, is developing the film with Blue Angel Entertainment and Nonara Productions. Rice’s death, among too many others, sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. This film may help to shine a...

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