Author: Tracy Boehm

Dark Side of the Moon is a Bizarre Place

Dark Side of the Moon Blutch (writer and artist) Europe Comics at February 15, 2007 IZNEO HAS PROVIDED WWAC WITH A VIP ACCESS PASS. Sometimes, I want an adventurous read. Something that feels very personal, something that challenges me to do something more than simply experience a story. I am not going to lie, it took me about a third of the way through reading this book to actually figure out what the story was trying to say. It was a bit disconcerting at first, seeing as this book is only fifty-seven pages long, but once I realized...

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Yoko Tsuno is a Heroine On the Edge

Yoko Tsuno: On the Edge of Life Roger Leloup (Writer and Artist) Cinebook August 16, 2007 There is something special about Franco-Belgian comics from the 1970s. The comics of Spirou Magazine, Tintin, and Pilote solidified the dominance of Franco-Belgian comics into the modern era. Large format, long-form narrative storytelling, complex characters, and clean, clear artistic styles are the hallmark of the Euro-style comics, and Yoko Tsuno is no exception. This intelligent and attractive young woman must use all her wits to solve her next mystery. Written and illustrated by Roger Leloup, who previously drew backgrounds for Herge’s iconic Adventures...

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Normandy Gold #4: Farrah Hair Everywhere

Normandy Gold #4 Megan Abbott and Alison Gaylin (Writers), Steve Scott (Artist) Titan Comics October 18, 2017 Sheriff Normandy Gold is a woman who heeds no man’s warning when it comes to finding justice for her slain sister, Lila. Leaving her small town sheriff post, Gold travels to Washington D.C. to investigate her sister’s murder where she encounters corruption and intrigue at every turn. In this issue, after a run-in with Senator Selwyn Grange, Gold heads to the club Aphrodite’s Way, where her sister worked as a prostitute, and discovers that her client was a senior law counselor to...

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