Author: Tiffany Babb

Comics Academe: Who are YOU Calling Monster?

Hello Sports Fans! As I’m writing this post, I’ve just returned to New York from San Diego Comic Con. I had tons of fun, and gave a little poster presentation at the Comics Art Conference that the wonderful Kathleen McClancy runs. My talk this year was titled “Monstrous Disruptions: Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona as Girl and Monster,” and that will also be our topic for the day. For those of you familiar with the amazing webcomic-turned-graphic-novel that Nimona is, Stevenson’s character Nimona assumes many different forms, one of which is a large dragon-like monster. What interested me most in Nimona...

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Comics Academe: Levi-Strauss and Loki

Happy Summer, Sports Fans! My first leg of grad school is over! More importantly, final papers have been turned in, and a degree is in my hand! Fun Fact #1: One of my term papers was about reading American superhero comics as myth defined by Claude Levi-Strauss. Fun Fact #2: That’s our subject today. The two images that sparked this thought path are shown below. The first is from Levi-Strauss’ “The Structural Study of Myth.” Levi-Strauss’ Figure 1 is an illustration of what it would be like to read multiple variants of the same myth in a logical way...

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Comics Academe: Hellos and Hildebrand

Editors Note: I am pleased to introduce the first article by a new Comics Academe contributor, Tiffany Babb, who will be sharing with us the view from inside academia, and specifically, the how she tackles the common academic dilemma of how to study comics when your institutional program does not have a comics studies program. Since comics studies majors, minors, and master’s degrees are still few and far between, comics scholarship comes from a variety of disciplinary homes, and this is, in my view, one of the strengths of comics studies. Tiffany’s articles remind me that the field is still...

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