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    Tia Kalla

    Longtime writer, temporary office minion, and nerd of all trades, tiakall is a fan of lengthy subordinate clauses and the Oxford comma. She enjoys plants, cats, puns of varying quality, and making cannibal jokes before it was cool.

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  • Women of Mangaka: Rumiko Takahashi

    Women of Mangaka: Rumiko Takahashi0

    It’s Women’s History Month, so let’s talk a bit about a woman who’s made some, and may finally get recognized for it. Through March 16, voters for the Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame will be deciding on whether the fourth nomination for Rumiko Takahashi is the charm. Takahashi already has an impressive awards shelf,

  • Hipster Manga: Imawa no Kuni no Alice

    Hipster Manga: Imawa no Kuni no Alice0

    Imawa no Kuni no Alice Haro Aso (writer and illustrator) Shogakukan 2010–2016 [Content warnings for this one include: suicide, (foiled) sexual assault, people dying, people being grievously injured or dismembered.] In today’s media, the book Alice in Wonderland is as much a motif as it is a piece of media on its own, inspiring works

  • Journey Across the Seven Seas: Manga in the Hold

    Journey Across the Seven Seas: Manga in the Hold0

    What is Seven Seas? No, it’s not the company releasing Sinbad’s Adventure (at least, not yet). Founded in 2004, Seven Seas releases about 20 new volumes a month. If the name flew under your radar like it did mine, you may not even realize how many titles they get out until you start checking your

  • Hipster Manga: Angel Heart

    Hipster Manga: Angel Heart0

    Although it’s only half the name of the series, “heart” is literally at the center of the long-running manga Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo. (Literally-literally, not figuratively-literally.) It’s both a story of a transplanted heart and the code name of a young assassin aptly named Glass Heart. After a particularly gut-wrenching kill, Glass Heart decides