Author: Stephanie Tran

Morals and Magic: How The Wicked+The Divine Depicts Changing Western Views of Identity and Sexuality

Kieron Gillen is no stranger to diverse teenage characters. The author of the Young Avengers relaunch, Gillen is experienced at writing characters from a variety of racial groups and sexualities and even won a GLADD award for his work. The Wicked+The Divine (pronounced “The Wicked and the Divine” or simply “WicDiv” for short) takes it one step further. The premise—the reincarnation of twelve gods as of British music performers—allows Gillen to reinterpret icons both mythological and musical as modern teenagers, contemporary ideas and all. And most importantly, he does so without casting judgment on any of them. That’s not...

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Doctor Strange and the Ancient One: Marvel’s Issues with Real-World Politics

Advertisers traditionally hold that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but Marvel’s Doctor Strange might just be the exception. Though the comic book version of Doctor Strange learns magic from a Tibetan character known as “The Ancient One,” the movie adaptation’s newest teaser trailer reveals that Marvel has changed the setting of Doctor Strange’s studies to Nepal and cast Tilda Swinton, a white woman, as The Ancient One. According to Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill, the character of the Ancient One had been turned into a title and the Tibetan setting changed to Nepal in order to...

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