Author: Jennifer Pate

Quarry’s War and the Inescapable Trap of Convention

Quarry’s War #1 Max Allan Collins (Writer), Szymon Kudranski (Artist), Guy Major (Colorist), Comicraft (Letterer), Charles Ardai (Consulting Editor) Hard Case Crime / Titan Comics 29 November 2017 If you’re like me, you may not be overly familiar with Quarry, the series of novels that inspired this comic, or the fact that it has also been adapted into a TV show. So, here’s the basic premise: the story follows Quarry, the code name for a former US Army sniper, in the years after his time in the Vietnam War. Affected by training and temperament, Quarry becomes a gun for...

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Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity is Walking on Air

Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity Rebecca Sugar (Series Creator),  Talya Perper (Writer),  Queenie Chan & Jenna Ayoub (Artists),  Laura Langston with Vladimir Popov & Eleonora Bruni (Colorists), Mike Fiorentino (Letterer), Sara Talmadge (Cover Artist) BOOM! Studios November 7th, 2017 BOOM! Studios’ graphic novel release Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity is as charming and wholesome as its source. Though it doesn’t offer any new substantive information about Homeworld, the Crystal Gems, or the direction of the series in general, Anti-Gravity addresses the ongoing tonal shift that has been developing in the show for some time. After witnessing firsthand the tragedy of the Gem War,...

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