Author: Rose Rosen

Let Her Grow: The Importance of Poison Ivy’s Heroic Journey

“To discuss Poison Ivy is to discuss environmentalism. To discuss patriarchy. To discuss collective archetypes, and evolving narratives. To discuss Golden Age femmes fatale and black widows. To discuss thrill killers and team ups. To discuss redemption, and defiance, and friendship. To discuss narrative polemics, women in the sciences, the rush of urbanisation, and the male gaze. In short to discuss Ivy is to discuss multitudes.” (1) Since August it has appeared that Poison Ivy will be a member, official or unofficial, of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. This is a huge step forward for the character because...

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When Poison Ivy Fought Eddie Berganza

NOTE: The grammar of this article has been updated, due to an initial tech problem resulting in an unproved copy being published. The tenth paragraph has been added for clarity. Additionally, this now includes a final statement from Amy Chu. Back in January 2016 DC comics published Poison Ivy’s first (and only) solo mini series in her 50 year old history. The series, written by Amy Chu, narrates the story of Poison Ivy trying to “turn over a new leaf” in her life as a scientist at the plant sciences department of Gotham’s Botanical Gardens. Without spoiling the plot, the story quickly turns into a murder mystery and Poison Ivy has to fight against many creepy, shady people. And one of the major themes in the book is misogyny and sexual predators. Oh and also— Eddie Berganza was unexpectedly the editor. In the book we are presented with various incidents of sexism: bikers harassing a waitress at a bar, Pamela Isley’s boss expressing disdain for women in the workplace, and at issue #2 we are introduced to Winston, a colleague of Ivy who shows a creepy interest at her. In issue #3 Winston visits Pamela Isley’s house without warning and he tries to blackmail her into having sex with him. Isley says these exact words: “I’ve been more than patient with you at work, Winston. Your little jokes… The...

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