Author: Paige Allen

Book Beat: Genius Grants and the Accidental Belle Sauvage

Welcome, fellow readers! This is Paige, one of the junior book section editors here at WWAC. I’ll be filling in on Book Beat this week, so forgive me in advance for any shortcomings in my reporting. The book world moves a mile a minute, yet our Book Beat writers always capture the most exciting industry news. So kudos to Ashley and Stephanie for all their great work! I’ll try to make y’all proud. Festivals and Awards New York Comic Con came and went this past weekend, but book lovers still have some major events to look forward to this...

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Finding the Way Home: An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon

An Unkindness of Ghosts Rivers Solomon Akashic Books October 3, 2017 During a particularly tumultuous phase of my early undergraduate career, marred by angry confusion at the unfamiliar metamorphosis of my identities, I stumbled upon a class about slavery. Of course, on my predominantly white, liberal-ass college campus, at the dawn of Obama’s second presidency, this class was not an outlier by any means. By the time I found it, I had spent two years stubbornly avoiding the accursed Africana trap I had imagined in my head. Why rehash an ancestral history that lived deep within my bones? Why...

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Hearts on Fire: Diverse Romance for Fall 2017

Welcome once again fellow readers! We’ve already shared some of our most anticipated science fiction and fantasy reads, and now we’re back for round three of our recommendations. This time around, we’ll focus on the brighter side of life and indulge in a little romance for the remainder of 2017. Out of the many, many genres in the literary world, romance frustratingly remains one of the slowest to progress beyond its focus on white heterosexual relationships. But love touches all our lives in strange and wonderful ways, and we do that universal human emotion a grave disservice by not...

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Dreaming of Electric Sheep: Diverse Science Fiction for Fall 2017

A hearty hello to all our fellow readers! 2017 continues its steady march straight to hell, so we’d like to provide some literary escapes from all the chaos. Last time we recommended several upcoming diverse fantasy novels for your reading pleasure, so this time we’ll bring you the best diverse science fiction that the year still has to offer. Admittedly, the pickings are a little slim this fall, and the theme of the season seems to be terrifying dystopias. Perhaps it’s coincidental timing, or maybe a reflection of our current cultural psyche. But take heart. We explore the very...

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Soaring Magic and Shaky Groundwork: Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller

Mask of Shadows Linsey Miller Sourcebooks Fire August 29, 2017 When it comes to adding books to my already bloated reading list, especially in this economy, I err on the side of thorough scrutiny and cautious selection. However, there are a few things in a novel’s synopsis that I fall for faster than my wallet can keep up with: leading characters of color, explorations of gender and sexuality, and the promise of action and adventure. It is still the rare novel that pings all three categories, but with the literary push for greater representation of marginalized identities, I’m excited...

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