Author: Nyala Ali

The REadWind: Mary Anne Saves The Day

The REadWind series gets contributors to re-read the books they haven’t read in years and self-reflect. The goal is to explore how the contributors’ growth as a person plays a role in their experience in revisiting the book. Do they still like/hate it? How has it changed? Why? Growing up, my mother ran a small daycare out of our basement, with anywhere from two to ten kids (usually pairs of siblings) as charges. Kids would come by, before or after school, until it was either time to head off to class that day, or time for their parents to...

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The Wicked + The Divine: “Fucking Tara” and the Fame Monster

On Autonomy, Available Bodies and Asking For It Spoiler Warning: This essay contains spoilers for The Wicked + The Divine #13. During the first twelve issues of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine, all we know that Tara has been a running joke. Superfan Laura doesn’t see her as worthy of adoration like the other gods, and those other gods don’t think much of Tara either. Oh yeah, and she once wore a meat dress. It would be fair to say, however, that the other gods dislike her because she wore a meat dress. To...

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Dinah Drake: Martial Arts Maven or Musical Menace?

Black Canary #1 Brenden Fletcher (writer); Annie Wu (artist); Lee Loughridge (coloring) DC Comics June 17, 2015 As the increasing number of new and rebooted comic series being made for women are still viewed as a threat to a not-insignificant number of fanboys, it makes perfect sense that the all-woman band Black Canary is dubbed “the most dangerous band in America,” and that a woman’s voice, Dinah Drake Lance’s signature “Canary Cry,” is considered the most dangerous weapon of all. This new reboot of DC’s iconic superheroine kills two boys clubs with one microphone, positioning Dinah (or “D.D.” in this...

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Soulmates, Sholay and Stereotypes: How Kamran Steals Our Girl in Ms. Marvel #13-15 (SPOILERS)

WARNING: This article contains BIG FAT SPOILERS for events occurring in Issues #13-15 of Ms. Marvel. As Ms. Marvel editor Sana Amanat notes in the “Holla at Kamala” section of issue #13, the arrival of Kamran, Kamala’s love interest in the 3-part story arc Crushed, is “a big deal.” Kamran’s appearance in Ms. Marvel signifies that our teenage heroine Kamala is finally growing up, and having to navigate romantic feelings that she has not previously had (much to pal Bruno Carelli’s dismay.) The Kamran storyline also explores the myriad ways in which (as I can attest) even trying to pull...

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This One Mother: Musings on Motherhood in Jillian and Mariko Tamaki’s This One Summer

Released late last May, Jillian and Mariko Tamaki’s This One Summer has since been garnering a ton of critical acclaim, mainly due to its brilliant depiction of female adolescence. Though a lot of the discussion surrounding this book has centered on its two eagle-eyed pre-teen heroines Rose and Windy, the Tamakis’ languid summer narrative also presents us with (as other members of the WWAC community have noted) another equally intriguing character, Rose’s mother Alice. It made me really happy that a book that does such a wonderful job of exploring girlhood also offers such a compassionate study in motherhood....

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