Author: Nola Pfau

Previously On Comics: Jane Foster in Your Home

Did you know that heroes walk among us? If not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Batman himself has made a rather public appearance, as the star of Jaden Smith’s new video: The new video has not exactly invoked a warm response, but there’s no denying that it has a certain catchiness. I know I’ve caught myself mumbling a repetition of “Batman” here and there over the last few days. In sadder news, the comics world said goodbye to James Galton, who passed at the age of 92. Galton isn’t a well-known name today, but his sixteen-year tenure as the...

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X-Men Toys: You Dare Call Those Things- Human?

I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell out of love with the X-Men. I certainly like a fair amount of the things the franchise has produced, but it’s just that, a product, and no one has worked harder to remind readers of that fact than Marvel themselves. The moment that did it for me was the time I learned that they argued against the humanity of their own characters in a court of law. It goes like this: Imports to the U.S. are governed by what’s called the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), a set of classifications used to...

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