Author: Naseem Jamnia

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Original Fullmetal Alchemist Series

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is often called one of the best anime series ever produced. With a live action film coming out in December in Japan, old fans may be rewatching the series, and newbies might be debating the best place to start. The original Fullmetal Alchemist anime from 2003 was released concurrently with the manga, and, like all series that do this, caught up with the issues before it was finished. As a result, the anime went off into its own direction. Many people began the franchise with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the anime that was released after the manga was completed...

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Unfortunately, Fighting Fantasy Legends Is An Exercise In Frustration

Fighting Fantasy Legends Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Nomad Games Steam, iOS/Android I decided to play Fighting Fantasy Legends game because I misread the title and thought it was a Final Fantasy card game on Steam. It’s not either of those things. Fighting Fantasy Legends is marketed as a card game but is actually a point-and-click tabletop RPG. (Apparently, it is actually based on a tabletop RPG, which would have been helpful to know.) And after the first few hours, where you’re struggling to figure out just how to play this game, it’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it was disappointing in...

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Making the Cut: Defending The Jill Sandwich, Barry Burton Style

Making the Cut is a recurring series in which we defend the notoriously bad things we love about video games. Wonky mechanics, goofy cutscenes, poor characterization—we love it all, and we’re going to tell you why. I love the Jill sandwich scene, because I love Barry Burton. In Resident Evil, the survival horror game released for the Playstation in 1996, you play as special-ops agents Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. They’re looking for their missing teammates and eventually get stuck exploring Spencer Mansion. In the infamous scene, Jill is about to be crushed in by a classic falling ceiling,...

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Chronolink DX Is Your Next Favorite Phone Game

Let’s talk about your new favorite phone game. It’s called Chronolink DX, or as I like to call it, The Monster Mash. There is no monster mashing, but it feels appropriate to me. Chronolink DX Give Me Five Games App Store and Google Play July 9, 2017 Chronolink DX is a fun, challenging, and easy-to-learn puzzle game with a time travel conceit. You begin with the Dinosaur in the Prehistoric Era who tells you, “My friends and I can learn about time travel if we connect with each other.” (Given that you are literally connecting the characters, this is...

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Love the Tortall Books? Play These Five Games

Tamora Pierce, the author who created Tortall, has been critical to my growth as a writer and a person. (I should have known I was non-binary when I tried to bind my chest like Alanna, but also still wanted to be a girl!) Loving Tortall as much as I do means that I’m always on the hunt for things that remind me of it. As a gamer, any game that can even hint at Tortall is a win for me. As you’d expect, there aren’t that many games that fit the bill, but here are five games to check...

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