Author: Melissa Brinks

My First Game: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

I have always loved stories. That’s one of the things that keeps me playing video games—this unique medium can tell stories in ways no other medium can, with choices to be made, diverging paths, and deep personal investment thanks to immersion. It’s an evolution of the medium that continues to amaze me as more and more games take risks in their storytelling. But games haven’t always had these rich, involving stories. When I held a controller for the first time, it was for the blocky old NES and the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge. I remember sinking many, many...

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Why I Game: Traits to Aspire To

For a long time, I didn’t play many games. I didn’t grow up with enough expendable income to afford a large game library, and spent much of my childhood playing and replaying the few NES and Super Nintendo games I had—Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, and movie tie-ins of Toy Story and The Lion King. These stories were familiar if they were good, practically non-existent otherwise. I liked them, but not in an attached way—I played them because they were there, mostly, and because somewhere I got cheat codes and I liked the weird Doom-esque level of Toy...

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