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    Kayleigh Hearn

    Still waiting for her Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters acceptance letter. Bylines also at Deadshirt, Ms-En-Scene, and Talk Film Society.

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  • News & Things: Adventures Across the 8th Dimension0

    • October 3, 2013

    Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re travelling across the 8th Dimension to find the next Jane Foster! Read below for more! Read of the Week The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is The Dissolve’s Movie of the Week, with new articles discussing the film’s cult following, quotability, and the mythology

  • SPX: These Are a Few of My Favorite Zines2

    Small Press Expo 2013 was held on Sep. 14-15. For a first-time attendee like moi, SPX was an amazing experience, an intense gathering of passionate creators and fans, and contained more comics than the human mind was ever made to comprehend. (Remember the Honest Ed’s scene in Scott Pilgrim and The Infinite Sadness? It was

  • News & Things: Banned Romance0

    • September 26, 2013

    Welcome back to News & Things! Today we’re Hulking out with Firefly, Adventure Time, free Halloween comics, and more! Read of the Week There’s No Excuse For Misogyny In Space Helen O’Hara looks at the treatment of Katee Sackhoff’s character in the new film, Riddick: “This film, more than either previous Riddick effort, feels like

  • News & Things: The Supreme Excitement of Our Time0

    • September 20, 2013

    Welcome back to News & Things! This week we’re back from Small Press Expo, have new Marvel Studios rumors, and our countdown to Halloween continues! Read of the Week Comics Alliance interviews Congressman John Lewis and Andrew Aydin about March, the autobiographical graphic novel about the Civil Rights Movement: “Each time I pick up the