Author: Jennifer Gonzalez

Webcomics to Binge On: German Bees, Fresh Starts, and Dangerous Hardware

August, the month of International Beer Day and International Left-Hander’s Day. Perhaps some of these webcomic creators drink beer! Maybe they’re left-handed! A mystery! It is also yet another summer month, and yet another perfect time to get into webcomics. Some throwback posts, still relevant today: Superheroes and Feminists Carolina interviewed Sfé R. Monster about genderqueer comics Jamie taught us about Webcomic Readership Etiquette And now for some recommendations: floccinaucinihilipilification Author name unknown but prefers she/her pronouns Almost daily SFW My fabulous coworker just introduced me to the webcomics of floccinaucinihilipilification (which I learned from the About page means of little...

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Did You Love Your Barbie? A Conversation

Welcome to WWAC Game Section’s summer Barbie series. These months are often the time that children are free from commitments, away from their friends, and ready to let their imaginations take over. For many of us that meant playing with Barbies, and over the next few weeks you’ll see the many different ways Barbies affected us.  This installation is a conversation about what it means to “Play with Barbies.” So far this month: Paige taught us about the history of Barbie, Jenny discovered all of the geeky Barbie designs, Christa told us how Barbies helped her become a writer,...

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Semi-Homemade Cosplay: Two Cosplayers Talk Materials and Mods

As our summer cosplay series winds to an end, Jennifer, a self-admitted “not crafty” person talks about semi-homemade cosplaying and how to get start out easy and build up to more advanced cosplay techniques. I am not crafty. I have a horrible track record with attempting to knit and a basket full of unfinished scarves (if you can call the knotted yarn I tried to knit a scarf). My Halloween costumes are usually whatever requires the least amount of crafting—if I cannot buy every piece of my costume, it’s time for a new idea. So, as much as I...

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Depression and Webcomics: How a Comic About Mushrooms Taught Me to Love Myself

Just a heads up: this article is going to talk about my experience with depression, anxiety, and self care. If some or all of these things make you uncomfortable, or are a trigger for you, proceed with caution. Take care of yourselves! Mushrooms, a 2014 webcomic by Katie O’Neill (AKA strangelykatie—read more about her here), details one girl’s struggle to live a normal life—or as normal as you can expect when you are covered in mushrooms. In the comic, the protagonist struggles to leave her home, pushed into solitude by her fear that the mushrooms will draw stares and...

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Review: The Cat with a Really Big Head, and One Other Story that Isn’t as Good

The Cat with a Really Big Head, and One Other Story that Isn’t as Good Roman Dirge Titan Comics June 3, 2015 Reviewed with an advance review copy I think everyone everywhere with an internet connection can agree that cats are having a moment, have been having a moment. We are bombarded with images, videos, and GIFs of cats doing adorable things on a daily basis. Honestly, I love this; I’m allergic to cats, but they make me so happy in all their fluffy aloof glory. What I’m saying is, it’s really difficult for people to hate something if...

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