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    Jazmine Joyner

    Jazmine Joyner is a freelance writer in Southern California. She has written for Wear Your Voice Magazine, /Film, Okayplayer, and many other sites. In her free time, she likes to write Sci-fi short stories, play video games, and read. You can follow her on Twitter @Jazmine_Joyner .

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  • 01: First Second Fall 2018 Cover Reveal!

    01: First Second Fall 2018 Cover Reveal!0

    This month the exciting and innovative publisher First Second revealed their Fall 2018 covers. 01:First Second is the publisher that brought you great books like Pashmina, The Cute Girl Network and Tillie Walden’s ice skater graphic Novel Spinning, and this fall they are release some amazing title s that we know will become some of future favorites.

  • Yes, Roya: Feminist Sex Positive Comics to the Rescue

    Yes, Roya: Feminist Sex Positive Comics to the Rescue2

    Yes, Roya Emilee Denich (art), Kinomatika (cover), C. Spike Trotman (writing) Iron Circus Comics April 18, 2017 Yes, Roya is a book I couldn’t put down. Published by Iron Circus Comics, a comics publisher known for their adult titles and amazing anthologies (Smut Peddler), and written by their founder and fearless leader C. Spike Trotman, Yes, Roya affected