Author: Holly Rose Swinyard

Bullying in the U.K. Cosplay Scene: What Can Be Done?

Cosplay in the UK has been going on for long time, and I have found myself being involved in it, to a greater or lesser extent, for the last decade. I love cosplay. I love making it. I love wearing it. I love seeing what other people do with it. It has helped me become a much more confident person, and to dive into the career as a writer that I always wanted. It has some great social advantages and you can see people have a real joy for what they do. Unfortunately, however, I, and many others, have...

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Kingdom: Aux Drift – A Study in Power Fantasies

Kingdom: Aux Drift Dan Abnett (Writer), Richard Elson (Artist) 2000AD March 8, 2017 Kingdom: Aux Drift is the fifth installment of the Kingdom series by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson. The series follows Gene the Hackman, a part-dog, part-human hybrid known as Aux, as he makes his way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was once Earth, now ruled over by a race of giant insects simply called “Them”. Colour me interested. I haven’t dipped my toes into this particular genre that much, I’m more dystopian thriller than post-apocalyptic action, but I figured you can always try something new.  Coming into...

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A Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction: Part 3

Previously on The Whistle-stop History of Fanfiction, we have talked about the Bronte Sisters creating fictional worlds for Wellington to dash around in, the Austen Family writing fic for the lovely Jane, if Star Trek is the granddaddy of fandom, and does the Tolkien Society need to get over itself? See parts one and two if you haven’t already.  But now we must move swiftly on to the last part of this journey,  into the modern age of fandom. As we all know, in 1983 the internet was invented, and in 1990 it became widely available. And with the...

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EGX Rezzed Con Diary: The Changing Face of Gaming

I have never been to a gaming convention. I come from a comics and literature con background–sci-fi at a push–but a video game convention? EGX Rezzed is an industry-based event, promoting new games, showing off the demos that people have spent years putting together, and putting Square Enix and Nintendo next to the tiny indie teams who have done it all off crowdfunding in their front room. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I had let myself in for. Turns out, I had walked into one of the busiest, most informative and creatively stimulating three days of my life. I...

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A Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction: Part Two

Last time on Holly’s Whistle Stop History of Fanfiction, I discussed the idea that a lot of what is often considered classic literature in fact sprung from fanfiction, stories about existing characters, or people, with a few tweaks and name changes. Which is all very well, but I’m sure some of you are there saying “yes, but it’s not really fanfic, at least not how we know it” and I will concede to that, if only because these pieces were contained within very small fan communities, predominantly family groups, rather than in wider reaching fandoms. And so in that...

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