Author: Gretchen Felker-Martin

Bunn and Cole’s The Unsound Rushes Through a Sloppy Second Issue

The Unsound #2 Cullen Bunn (Writer), Jack T. Cole (Artist) BOOM! Studios June 29, 2017 In horror, everything depends on restraint. Without the harrowing marital discord of Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession, would the ghoulish bloodbath of the film’s final act pack the same punch? If we hadn’t watched Daenerys’s dragons grow to maturity over seven seasons of Game of Thrones, would the charnel house the adult Drogon makes of the Lannister army leave us quite so awestruck and sickened? By foregoing buildup and skipping straight to a bloody asylum riot, The Unsound misses its chance to establish setting and character....

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Regression’s First Volume Fails to Metamorphose

Regression Vol 1: Way Down Deep Cullen Bunn (Writer), Danny Luckert (Artist), Marie Enger (Colors/Letters), and Joel Enos (Editor) Image Comics November 15, 2017 Insects have always been fertile soil for horror. Our minds recoil instinctively from their alien physiology and menacing stingers. Their touch poisons our thoughts with fantasies of infestation and disease. Their very presence suggests decay. Why, then, is the first volume of Cullen Bunn’s bug-obsessed Regression so psychologically inert? In short, because “bugs are gross” is about as far as the book gets into probing why we’re afraid of the world’s creepier, crawlier denizens. Bunn’s...

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No One’s Running the Asylum in The Unsound’s Lackluster Debut

The Unsound #1 Cullen Bunn (Writer), Jack T. Cole (Artist) BOOM! Studios June 7, 2017 In the maiden voyage of writer Cullen Bunn and illustrator Jack T. Cole’s The Unsound, a young nurse named Ashli weathers her first day at Saint Cascia, a baroque insane asylum tucked away in an obscure corner of what I assume from the subway signage and street life is New York City. From Ashli’s exposition-heavy orientation to her disastrous hand-washing at the issue’s close, Bunn’s dialogue lays on the horror so thickly that it’s less a mood than a gelatinous skin under which a story...

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