Author: F. Stewart Taylor

Licking the Face of God: John Allison Answers For Bad Machinery

Editor’s note: Ah, San Diego Comic Con. What a time, what a place! I’ve never been. But I have been caught up in the press of it all, getting interview sorted, then rearranged, then having to do them myself, then realising I should have done it yesterday by email. Ah, San Diego Comic Con… So instead of all that what we have is this: F Stewart-Taylor, she of The Trades and the biggest John Allison Presents fan I know who isn’t me, asking Sweet JA all the questions in her heart. It was supposed to be an SDCC thing,...

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Trading Outpost: I Wanna List You A Merry Christmas

Hey, y’all, it’s the last Trading Post of the year with us, your last The Trades of the year. We’re exactly the same great The Trades podcast hosts as the rest of the year, Aaron LaRoche and your faithful correspondent in this space, FST. To get your yule’s tiding and krises kringling, we did a Best Of List, probably technically in time to give you some festive purchasing suggestions for some of your holiday celebrations.  It is the dark and freezing armpit of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, and probably wherever y’all are, too [what about Australia...

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Trading Outpost: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hello, it’s The Trading Outpost—bonus tapes for The Trades, a podcast about comics and comics adjacent topics! With me, FST, is Aaron LaRoche. We recorded this episode before the US election, so if you would like to travel back to a more innocent time to hear Aaron and I squabble about if you should sign your ballot, the first fifteen-ish minutes of this episode are for you. This argument is a watered down precursor to the leftist infighting that will shadow our movements against oppression for the next four years; mark my words. We here at The Trades are the bellwether...

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Trading Outpost: Genre/Gender/Generic

Hello! And welcome back to another of The Trades, the world’s only comic podcast by people who don’t know anything about pen nibs. This month, we swear off literacy in order to better live out deconstructionism. Also, Aaron reads award nominated comics, while Webtoons is taking over my life, and I don’t know how to cope. And directly contrary to my stated interests in analysis beyond narrative, I summarize several comics at length. Listen here! Aaron’s been reading Kamisama No Iutoori,1 which is a tournament manga where a bunch of teens fight to become god. FST stood in the...

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Trading Outpost: Pan(demonium) et Circenses

Editor’s note: This installation of The Trades is comedically late, through no fault of your delightful host’s. Look for another Trades soon–and forgive a poor editor her trespasses. It’s The Trading Outpost, an extension of The Trades, with your friend, me, FST. The Trades is me and Aaron doing a podcast where we talk about comics and our lives and sometimes other things, but only sometimes, not always. The podcast is here, and previous installments are here and here. So, let’s talk comics! Have y’all ever wanted to read about the sexual awakening of some dude comic book makers via another...

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