Author: Véronique Emma Houxbois

Two Questions About Netflix’s Iron Fist Adaptation

It’s been an issue that’s hung over the series like a dark cloud since it was first announced in 2014. No matter the other elements such as mysticism, tone, and plot, there’s been a very big question about the upcoming Netflix Iron Fist series that revolves around one thing quite simply: race. It can’t be avoided, and frankly it shouldn’t. Since the character’s debut in 1974 as a young, rich man who returns from a mystical Asian land as a martial arts master, there’s been a lot of debate over his race and how it might, and in some cases should, be...

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Reading Diaries: “Gay Books,” Porn Stars, and the Giller Prize

Al Rosenberg: I’m having a hard time focusing this month. I can’t seem to get straight through just one book. I’m reading a thousand things at once, I have a million tabs open in my browser, and I’m not super present for any conversation I’ve have recently. I need to calm down and just pay attention to one thing at a time. So, I’m going to try to get through some of these books this month. The Importance of Being Iceland was loaned to me by a fabulous human I get to see soon, and I want to finish...

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A Trans Woman in Orbit Around Bitch Planet

When I explained the context of the Non Compliant symbol to my tattoo artist, the one she was going to etch into my skin that day, I used the same elevator pitch I’ve been using since Bitch Planet was announced: “It’s like Orange is the New Black in Space.” Her smile at that description told me I was remiss in not bringing her copies of the four issues published so far. Mentioning that there are only so many in print, which has been the constant bone of contention among the phenomenon’s skeptics, didn’t seem to phase her at all....

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