Author: Elizabeth Coody

Academic Conference Asks: What Makes Women Monstrous?

Women are often called monsters. Even before the internet made trolling a favorite misogynist past time, women’s bodies, functions, and perceptions have been fair game for name calling. I joined a wonderful group of scholars to discuss what after all is so “monstrous” about women at the Monstrous Women Conference this last May in at the University of North Texas in Denton (UNT).  Samantha Langsdale, editor-in-chief of GEEKED magazine and lecturer in Philosophy and Religion at UNT, was excited to see what feminists and comics scholars would make of the topic of monstrous women at a conference. Says Sam:...

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Comics Academe: Christine Hoff Kraemer on Graven Images

Rather than looking inward, I decided that for this Comics Academe, I’d like to talk to someone else in the field of comics. I keep saying that it’s important for scholars in “new” fields like comics to learn from each other and not lose collective knowledge, so I thought I would do as I say! For this conversation, I chose Christine Hoff Kraemer, PhD, Instructor in Theology and Religious History at Cherry Hill Seminary. I sought her out because she edited Graven Images: Religion in Comic Books and Graphic Novels with my friend A. David Lewis. This book’s emphasis...

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Comics Academe Roundtable: Teaching Bitch Planet

Since the publication of the first issue of Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro in December of 2014, many people, inside and outside of academia, have pointed to the comic, the related backmatter and essays, and even the community that has formed around it–as embodied by the many tattoos of the Non-Compliant symbol women have shared on social media–as an example of an intersectionally feminist text, a text that can be pointed to when an example is needed, both in its successes, and even in its sometimes blunders. But despite the critical acclaim, there is,...

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Whaleish Work in the Disciplines: Comics and Religion Swimming Around

The last time you heard from me—and it’s been a while—I was urging academics who love comics to find their peers and work with them. I took my own advice! I was delighted to be a part of the Comics and Sacred Texts Symposium at Haverford College. It was wonderful to collaborate with scholars that share my interests in both religion and comics and to see the vastly different angle each takes on such a similar subject. Academics can sometimes be territorial, but interdisciplinarity rules when your discipline is still being formed. Comics scholarship is in the process of...

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Comics Academe: How To Write a Comics Dissertation

Out there, somewhere, is a woman who writes about comics who wants to turn that writing to a comics dissertation or thesis, or at least I sure hope there is! The field is wide open and ready for more. For the uninitiated, a dissertation or thesis is the long essay or project that serves as the capstone for most advanced degrees (especially doctoral degrees) in the sciences and humanities. There is some degree of coursework or class-type work in most programs, but this is the project that determines whether or not you earn the degree. The nature and form...

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