Author: Corissa Haury

We Have Voices, Too: Milkshakes with Taneka Stotts

She’s written multiple comics, like Deja Brew and Full Circle. She’s published the first fiery book in Elements, a series of anthologies that features creators of color, front and center. She’s been a champion for POC creators, and independent comics. She’s inspired and inspiring. She spends a lot of time reading comics out of her sheer love for them. This is Taneka Stotts, the founder, editor, and primary driver of Beyond Press. Just after San Diego Comic Con, I had the privilege of interviewing her. We talk about comics, and the experiences she’s had breaking into the world of...

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Previously on Comics: San Diego Comic Con and More

It’s nearly the end of July, dear readers, and that means San Diego Comic Con just ended. With a bucketload of trailers and some announcements from Comic Con, the windfall of comic news hit the world like She-Hulk slamming Titania with the green fist of grace. So let’s dive right in, as so many heroes dive right out — plenty of page-to-screen news this time round! Let’s start with the Wonder Woman 2 announcement, which happened at SDCC. The incomparable Gal Gadot sat on the Justice League panel this weekend to promote the upcoming film. Patty Jenkins will likely help...

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