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    Corissa Haury

    I am an avid fiction, fantasy and science fiction nerd who loves visual media. I love to read books in any form, be it comics, graphic novels, zines, anthologies, or traditional print. Let's talk about fun comic stuff together!

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  • PUBWATCH: Cracking Open The Vault (Jan/Feb 2018)

    PUBWATCH: Cracking Open The Vault (Jan/Feb 2018)2

    Hello! It’s been a bit since our first Pubwatch for Vault—we had some technical difficulties to iron out. Thankfully we’ve gotten through those, so we should be pretty on top of releases going forward. Because of the delay, this’ll be a super-sized entry, covering both January and February’s releases. We’ve got a lot to cover,

  • Treasures in the Vault: the Women In Front Covers Initiative0

    If you don’t know about it already, Vault Comics is an up and coming indie comics publisher that Women Write About Comics has covered several times. Vault Comics, or Vault, is a privately owned independent comics publisher founded in 2016 by two ambitious and enthusiastic brothers, Damian and Adrian Wassel. They partnered with Art Director Nathan

  • Can Panel Syndicate Sustain Their Idyllic Publishing Model?

    Can Panel Syndicate Sustain Their Idyllic Publishing Model?0

    For those who may not know, Panel Syndicate is burgeoning digital, online-only comics publisher that was founded by Marcos Martin (The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil) and Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Paper Girls) in 2013. The idea behind this new comics publisher was to run things differently in a number of ways, not only for creators but

  • Previously on Comics: A Lot of Action

    Previously on Comics: A Lot of Action0

    Welcome back everyone! A new week of comics news. There’s a lot that’s happened in the comics world recently, so we will get right down to it. Writer Kelly Thompson has been helming the Hawkeye series, and has a history with Marvel working on X-Men, Captain Marvel, and Star Wars comics. It’s been announced that