Author: Clara Mae

Where Are All the Women of Color In Geek Media?

Let’s real talk: it’s tough being a woman of color. You sit at the intersection of both race and gender, and it’s an ongoing process of negotiating those identities and accepting that both parts can work to disadvantage you in different ways. When it comes to representation in film and TV, it often means having to compromise: do you support this film because it has a female lead, even though she’s white and moves through the world in a way you know you cannot? Or do you support this film because it has racial diversity, but specifically for men,...

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Race and Romance in Daredevil Season Two

Netflix’s Daredevil is, on the surface, a pretty progressive show when it comes to romance: Matt Murdock is romantically linked to two women of color, Claire Temple and Elektra Natchios, during the course of two seasons, which is definitely more than can be said about any of the MCU films so far. But a deeper read shows that the portrayals of these women, especially in comparison to Karen Page, are often problematic and fraught with racial stereotypes. Race, unfortunately, matters a great deal in deciding who we consider most worthy of love in our society, and that in turn may subconsciously...

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