Author: Chloe Maveal

Coyotes: A Tale That Is Red in Tooth and Claw

Coyotes #1 Sean Lewis (Writer), Caitlin Yarsky (Artist) Image Comics November 8, 2017 If there’s one thing I am a sucker for, it’s bold feminist outcries. And when I find such an outcry in comic form, fierce women of color and a compelling story are the cherries on top. With all of the absurd controversy—not only in the comics universe, but in the real world—regarding inclusion and diversity, Image’s Coyotes by Sean Lewis and Caitlyn Yarsky is the dark, beautiful kick in the teeth the comic world needs right now. Lewis brings us into the City of Lost Girls through...

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Countdown to Doomsday Clock: Geoff Johns Releases First Six Pages

There is no doubt about the excitement revolving around Geoff Johns’ and Gary Franks’ Doomsday Clock as it nears its November release date, but after the reveal of the first six pages Watchmen fans are sure to be rushing to the shelves. Despite the eerily familiar tone, apparent from the first panel, Johns has presented Doomsday Clock in a very different light from where the Watchmen series left off And despite Johns setting the narrative in 1992 (just seven years after the end of Watchmen) the circumstances are hauntingly similar to the state of the world now, including collusions...

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Still Standing: Mister Miracle Escaping the Stigma of Mental Illness

As someone with depression and a love for comics, I often find myself looking to superheroes for escapism. A hero can always push forward no matter the difficulty, even if it takes a toll on them. More often than not, the trials and tribulations our favorite heroes are put through are those in the physical world. Villains, traps, weapons, and a myriad of other terrifying obstacles block our heroes’ paths, but in addition to all those things we also see the inner struggle, the part of superheroes that makes them most relatable and human to their fans. Even then,...

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