Author: Chachi Bobinks

There’s an Ekans in My Boot! – Pokémon Go Review

When it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside, the only thing that my kids and I want to do is wander around a park for hours on end, sweat pouring down our faces and battling the initial stages of heat stroke. That’s right. We’re playing Pokémon GO. This fun, augmented reality (AR) game by Niantic was released in July 2016. At the time of writing this article, it had been released in the Australasia region, the United States, and parts of Europe. In each of those places, it caught on like wildfire. The game combines GPS mapping, pinpoint locations from the game developer’s...

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Toxic Lake Fish Mongers: Discount Salmon Review

Welcome to the first installment of Homegrown Guild, Chachi Bobinks’s new column about family-friendly gaming. This month she takes a look at Discount Salmon, an all-ages card game. Sometimes the only thing I want in life is a fun game I can play with my kids. It’s relatively easy for me to find something that I enjoy—I love tabletop, mobile games, RPGs, puzzle platformers, card games, and pretty much anything else that moves. But my flavor of game is decidedly not kid-friendly. I can either spend my days whining over the fact that BioWare hasn’t yet come up with Lego:...

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