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    Cat Meier

    Cat is a queer, poly fangirl. She is an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy, comics, queer and/or historical romance novels, and fanfic. An American import to Canada, Cat is working on becoming as Canadian as possible under the circumstances.

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  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Going Weekly1

    Welcome to Monthly Marvel Muster, as we look back on January. This column we have two character resurrections, the start of the much-hyped weekly Avengers: No Surrender, and a whole lot of miniseries and one-shots. Marvel had no new ongoing comics in January, but made up for it with five new miniseries and five one-shots.

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Ring Out the Dead Year

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Ring Out the Dead Year1

    Hello, I’m back with a backward-looking edition of Monthly Marvel Muster. This month I have a look at how Marvel chose to close out 2017, as well as a note about some of what to expect in 2018. It continues to be a slow turnover period for Marvel’s ongoing series right now. December brought one

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: Building A Legacy

    Monthly Marvel Muster: Building A Legacy1

    Welcome once again to Monthly Marvel Muster… or bi-monthly Marvel Muster, as the case may be. My November was a trash fire, but I’m back now with two months of Marvel news and reviews all at once [Thank goodness! —Ed.]. A lot happened in the last two months. Marvel Legacy is now in full swing,

  • Monthly Marvel Muster: From Generations to Legacy

    Monthly Marvel Muster: From Generations to Legacy0

    Welcome back to Monthly Marvel Muster, my roundup of everything I thought was interesting in Marvel Comics last month! September featured the last dying gasps of Secret Empire, the second round of Generations one-shots, and the much-hyped Marvel Legacy one-shot introducing Marvel’s latest line-wide rebranding.