Author: Carrie Schurman

What Would Trumpcare Do To U.S. Comics?

The senate will vote on the AHCA (American Health Care Act) bill after they return from their July fourth recess. The controversy surrounding this bill is vast and has many Americans concerned about their future. Rightly so, as it seeks to overturn protections put in place by the previous administration to help cover people who may otherwise not be able to get health insurance coverage. But what does this mean for comics and comic creators, an industry notorious for low pay and poor to no health benefits? Risks to Freelance Creators The comics industry depends on freelance creators to produce...

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Al Simmons and Me: 25 Years of Spawn and Life

I had just turned 18, was graduating from high school, and about go out into the big bad world. Like many people my age, I was struggling to figure out what adulthood meant and thinking about how I wanted to spend it. Who did I want to be? Where did I want to go? What dream did I want to follow? One of my dreams was to create comics, but like many other aspiring comic creators at the time, how to follow that dream successfully wasn’t very clear. Sure, there were books like How to Create Comics the Marvel...

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