Author: C.P. Hoffman

A Good Roundtable on The Good War

“The Good War” is a comic collaboration between cartoonist Mike Dawson and MSNBC anchor and author Chris Hayes, examining how WWII nostalgia played a part in post-9/11 pop culture and political messaging. Published on The Nib, “The Good War” adapts Chris Hayes’ piece “The Good War on Terror,” published by In These Times in 2006 (The Nib notes that numbers have been updated). Let’s talk about structure. The Nib has been publishing comics created for mobile/screen reading. “The Good War” seems especially optimized for this, despite its length. Rosie Knight: This was a comic that I really enjoyed reading,...

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Cancelled Deal with Weapons Manufacturer Shows Marvel Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Seventeen years ago, Marvel Comics introduced the Sentry, a retconned hero from the early days of the heroic age. While the Sentry was immensely powerful—one of the Earth’s mightiest heroes—he had a secret, unknown even to himself. The Sentry, it turned out, was his own worst enemy: the supervillain known as the Void. And, to defeat the Void, the Sentry ultimately had to wipe out all memory of himself and the good that he had done. Now, life is imitating art, as Marvel, too, has become its own worst enemy. A series of missteps and unforced errors—most recently announcing...

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