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    Annie Bulloch

    Annie Bulloch writes about comics and pop culture from the perspective of a retailer and longtime fan. She co-owns 8th Dimension Comics & Games in Houston, Texas, where she is Director of Marketing and frequently hosts store events, including a regular Ladies' Night. She loves comics, cooking, and pop culture. Find her on Twitter and Tumblr: @texasannie

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  • Cook Your Comics: Secret Six Layer Dip

    Cook Your Comics: Secret Six Layer Dip0

    One of my all-time favorite comic book series is Gail Simone’s pre-New 52 Secret Six. It’s the story of a team of villains—occasionally drifting into anti-hero territory—who generally work as mercenaries, taking on messy jobs that usually result in a high body count. They become a makeshift family who often find themselves fighting other bad

  • Cook Your Comics: Riverdale Burgers

    Cook Your Comics: Riverdale Burgers2

    Archie #1, released earlier this month, is a relaunch of the series that began in 1942. The new series is updated for modern times, but it still has the element that always fascinated me most: giant piles of hamburgers. As a strongly food-oriented person, I can identify with Jughead’s burger obsession, although not his metabolism.

  • Cook Your Comics: Squirrel Girl’s Chocolate Chip Nut Bread

    Cook Your Comics: Squirrel Girl’s Chocolate Chip Nut Bread0

    Are you reading Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl from writer Ryan Q. North and artist Erica Henderson? Why not? Do you hate laughter? Because it is the funniest series currently being published. It makes me laugh so hard that eventually no sound comes out, and then I almost pass out from lack of oxygen. If the

  • Cook Your Comics: Daredeviled Eggs Two Ways

    Cook Your Comics: Daredeviled Eggs Two Ways3

    Daredevil is the comic that got me into comics, way back in 1998, and I’ve been reading it ever since. I love reading about Matt Murdock’s adventures, which usually involve mobsters, ninjas, relationships that fall apart spectacularly, Catholic guilt, and occasional legal drama. Many of his problems are driven by his own ego and his