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    Annie Blitzen

    Columnist. Trans mom. Got married in a Captain Marvel dress to a lady in a Wonder Woman dress.

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  • Stormwatch: A Big Bag of Knockoffs

    Stormwatch: A Big Bag of Knockoffs2

    The early ’90s were a hell of a time in comics. Superman died, the X-Men were everywhere, and even garbage would sell literally millions of copies. (For comparison, the best-selling titles in 2017 were lucky to break 100k copies.) Eight of Marvel’s most popular young creators left and formed their own brand so that they

  • Sugar Town Is The Sweetest

    Sugar Town Is The Sweetest0

    Sugar Town Hazel Newlevant (creator) Self-Published Distributed by Alternative Comics October, 2017 You ever meet a girl at a party and find out her professional name as a dominatrix is the same as your everyday name? We’ve all been there. Awkward, right? Sugar Town is about (among many other things) what happens if you get

  • Roundtable: The Wild Storm #9

    Roundtable: The Wild Storm #91

    Thanks for joining us again for Rae & Annie: The Only People On Earth Who Still Give A Crap About Wildstorm, which is neither the title of this feature nor honestly an accurate representation of the feelings of Wildstorm fans. [I guess they’re just having a bad day. —Ed.] This feature will contain spoilers, so

  • Queer Goth Romance: An Interview With Sarah Graley

    Queer Goth Romance: An Interview With Sarah Graley0

    Sarah Graley—of being Sarah Graley fame—is writing and drawing Kim Reaper, a queer romance comic about a girl named Kim, who is a part-time grim reaper, and Becka, who thinks Kim is really cute. Oni Press, of publishing Kim Reaper fame, gave this writer the chance to ask Graley the important questions. Annie Blitzen: First off, I need