Author: Anna Bailey

Valiant Buzz: Strap in, kids. This will be a helluva ride!

In this rather large round-up, we’ll be talking all sorts of happenings that happened during the months of August, September and October for Valiant Comics. Buckle in, kids! Let’s catch up. NEW FACES In the latest addition to the expanding team at Valiant Entertainment, Charlotte Greenbaum was named Associate Editor in the midst of Valiant’s ICONS initiative. Greenbaum received her B.F.A from Washington University in St. Louis and previously worked at Double Take Entertainment. She’s written for Remote (Double Take, 2015) #3-5 and Spring (Double Take, 2015) #3-4, as well as edited for Harbinger Renegade (Valiant, 2016) #5-6, Honor (Valiant, 2015) #1-4 along with a handful of 2017 releases. So, it seems that Charlotte’s got some good experience. Ariel Olivetti joins NINJA-K to find the lost history of the deadliest MI-6 agents in December. The artist teams up with Christos Gage for the new series. Olivetti and Gage will tell the story of NINJA-A, the Japanese master of deception and weaponry. Olivetti has worked on books like Daredevil, X-Man, Space Ghost and Punisher War Journal, which means his Japanese master of deception is in great hands. LIMITED EDITION On November 14th, Valiant will release a limited edition of Secret Weapons Deluxe Edition oversized HC for Local Comic Shop Day 2017. The brand spankin’ new oversized edition will contain 20 bonus-oversized pages of new content including character designs, process art, and...

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Valiant Buzz: A little bit of Faith and a whole lot of ICONS

With the end of July inevitably comes the end of San Diego Comic Con talk. But luckily for you, we still have some buzz up our sleeves. At SDCC, Valiant Comics unveiled their blind bag exclusives — three, individually bagged in opaque plastic, editions of their “ICONS” initiative. They include: Bloodshot: Salvation #1, Ninja-K #1, and Quantum and Woody #1. “ICONS” will continue throughout the fall and winter with one major new launch each month. July was the ICONS release of Faith and the Future Force #1, written by Jody Houser with art done by Stephen Segovia and Barry Kitson....

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