Author: Angie Wenham

Grey Area: This Island Earth and Aliens in America

Grey Area: This Island Earth Dan Abnett (Writer), Karl Richardson, Lee Carter, Patrick Goddard (Artists), Len O’Grady, Abigail Bulmer (Colourists), Ellie De Ville (Letterer) 2000 AD 11 January 2018 Grey Area started in 2000 AD, after a pilot episode during Prog 2012. It has featured on and off since then, and focuses upon the Exo Transfer Control (E.T.C) squads. Their job is to patrol the eponymous “Grey Area,” a Global Exo Segregation Zone based in Arizona, 2045. It’s a holding area designed to process alien visitors to Earth, and the E.T.C. are essentially immigration cops, ones with a large...

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Torchwood: The Culling #1 is on Solid but Well-Worn Ground

Torchwood: The Culling #1    John Barrowman & Carole Barrowman (script), Neil Edwards (art), Dijjo Lima (colours), Jimmy Betancourt (letterer) Titan Comics 18 October 2017 Torchwood was a television show aimed at an older audience than Doctor Who, but the tone and writing could be patchy. At its best it delivered emotionally devastating episodes, such as the Children of Earth season, whilst at other times “mature” just meant running around shooting aliens and swearing at the same time. A lot. However Torchwood has survived, away from its original Creator/Executive Producer Russell T. Davies, as books and comics. Written by Carole and...

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