Author: Amber Love

WWAC’s Reading Resolutions for 2017

Want to read more sci-fi? What does it mean to “read diversely” and do you need to do more of it? Are you notorious for not finishing your to-read pile? It’s a new year which means a new year because that’s how it works, right? Some of the WWAC contributors have shared their reading resolutions for 2017 and we have total faith in their chances of making them a reality. Christa Seeley: I’m a pretty eclectic reader and I like to see what surprises the publishing industry has in store for us, so I try not to sign up for...

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Are Harassment & Hate Inevitable on Social Media?: A Review of Imzy

There are many reasons for needing a safe space. This is not a new topic when it comes to having an online life. It’s gained momentum in the last few years as more and more hate groups find ways to harass, abuse, and dox their targets. On November 9, 2016, as the world watched in horror when Donald Trump become the President of the United States, the hate groups got their time to celebrate. Mind you, the day before the redditors were weeping, because some of them didn’t realize you have to be registered to vote before going to...

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Cover Girl: What’s Going On With Captain Marvel?

Recently Comicosity shared a preview of Power Man & Iron Fist #9 and the cover caught my eye because it’s… weird. The perspective seems off, the character’s body seems unusually squishy, and the gloomy colour palate makes the whole thing seem dull and bleak. The cover is by Sanford Greene, who’s done lots of incredible work in the past. So what went wrong here? I gathered together three WWAC contributors to investigate.  First off, do you like this cover? What elements contribute to that feeling? (Colour, light, composition, etc) Amber Love: I don’t like the art on the cover, but if...

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Inspiring Women in Comics Publishing and Retail Today!

Ed. note: Starting this week and continuing until I run out of people to bug, WWAC will be running short pieces on some of the women working in comics now who are doing innovative or inspiring work. And not just women creators, but women working in comics retail, merchandising, marketing, editorial, journalism, and more. If you would like to contribute to the series, you can get in touch with me at  There are so many women working in comics, and I feel a lot of pressure and embarrassment if I don’t recognize someone’s name. When I talk with convention...

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Mental Health and Superheroes: The Problem with Labeling Sacrifice as Suicide

Content warning: This article discusses mental health, suicide, and depression. We, the fans, love our fandoms, so much that it’s possible for us to lose sight of the societal and personal impacts of our critical analyses. The past year has been a Thunderdome of fans who like or dislike the approach to characters they love. We’ve seen it in discussions of whether Superman would kill to save the Earth, whether Hermoine Granger could be African-English, and the constant erasure of Asian actors in stories about Asian characters. There are fun debates, too, like whether Buffy should have been with Angel...

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