Author: Adrianna Di Florio

Boystyle: A Continuation of the Lolita Fashion & Subculture

Sasa Stickings Cheung, she doesn’t like to broadcast her age, has been wearing Ouji for almost two years. She first started wearing Lolita in 2014, then transitioned to Ouji, which is a Boystyle fashion of Lolita. Cheung watches young women dressed in maid uniforms bustling around the room getting orders in Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Café on Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario. A young-looking girl gives us our menus and scurries off. Cheung laughs and reads the menu our server gives us. She wears a red, shimmer, see-through blouse with frills in the middle. Her sleeves stop three quarters away...

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Petticoats, Bloomers, Stockings, Oh My!: On Lolita Fashion & Subculture

In Café Princess, at the Yonge and Finch intersection, there are four Lolitas sitting together, remembering stories, and enjoying delicious-looking slices of coffee chocolate flavoured cake. Meagan Wilcox, 20, relaxes on a red couch; she’s a lifestyle Lolita and has been wearing Lolita for six years. She started dressing in Lolita when she was in grade 9 at A.B. Lucas Secondary School, in London, Ontario. While Wilcox was in high school, she met her girlfriend Sophia Sarantakos; both started dressing in Lolita together. They are also the two administrators for a closed group called London Ontario Lolitas on Facebook....

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