Feminist trash bag and QPOC wonder. Owns a cat. Definitely on Twitter right now.1 Articles

New Berliner. From Chicago. Freelance writer and editor. Dangerous optimist all the time. It is my steadfast belief that JAWS is the perfect movie.

Chloe is an aggressively queer and poly stay-at-home-mom with a penchant for yelling about comics. When she's not anxiously typing about superheroes Chloe can be found eating nuts and kicking things that would get her a cease and desist letter if she finished this sentence.

Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Her work has been previously featured by the Denver Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, Ghost City Review, Lockjaw Magazine, Glass Poetry Press and other publications. Follow her on twitter!

Cat mom, blogger and cheese enthusiast. Business geek by day, boardgamer by night. Fueled by coffee and questions.

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