Ty tinkers with words, roguelikes, and embroidery. The subtle textures in life entrance her. She lives in Chicago with her girlfriend and two brave pups.1 Articles

Fighting evil by moonlight, playing games by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Ashley T ♪ Tweet me @iron_resolve1 Articles

Megan writes, edits, and studies writing and editing. On WWAC she reviews comic book stores, comics, and TV, and gives dubious advice upon request. She's also the boss. She likes pie, space vampires, science and the artwork of Gustav Klimt.

By day, C.P. Hoffman writes about digital accessibility and the law; by night, they write about comics, pop culture, books, and gender. They have lived across North America (Indianapolis > Chicago > New York > Montreal > Indianapolis again), but now reside just outside of Washington, DC. C.P. has a particular affinity for Spider-Women, but also loves Wonder Woman, comics about witches, and stories about time travel. For inexplicable reasons, they also tweet a lot about the Fantastic Four. Twitter: @CPHwriter

Valley girl, sk8r girl, tan beauty queen and comic artist from Colombia.1 Articles

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