Elizabeth Brei holds an MFA from San Diego State University. She's written for HelloGiggles and Loser City. When she's not hanging with her cats, Moo and Mai Tai, she's working her dream job at Disneyland.1 Articles

Nomi is a political cartoonist, whose work can be seen at BrewforBreakfast.com1 Articles

Karoline started with Manga and then slowly discovered the rest of the big comic world. Now they're desperately failing at catching up with ALL the classics while cultivating a nice collection of (especially German) Indie- and self publushed comics of all styles. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, though beware of queerness.1 Articles

Megan writes, edits, and studies writing and editing. On WWAC she reviews comic book stores, comics, and TV, and gives dubious advice upon request. She's also the boss. She likes pie, space vampires, science and the artwork of Gustav Klimt.

Cat mom, blogger and cheese enthusiast. Business geek by day, boardgamer by night. Fueled by coffee and questions.

Amanda has been a sci-fi & film disciple since birth. She reads, tweets, loves Canada and is a roller derby referee for her hometown team. She is Chief Editor for Spaceboy Books.

Valley girl, sk8r girl, tan beauty queen and comic artist from Colombia.1 Articles

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