Miriam Kent is a media specialist and writer focusing on issues of identity and representation in the media. She recently completed her PhD about women in films based on Marvel superhero comics.1 Articles

Morgan is a professional weirdo. She drinks at least 4 cups of black coffee a day to fuel her research on comics and materiality. Tweet her cute animals and silly gifs at @MorganPodraza.1 Articles

Lara Keilbart writes and does podcasts about comics, books, films and video games for the German magazines and Peter Parker was her first love, Silk is her latest. She dreams of sass and sorcery.1 Articles

Jennifer de Guzman has been working professionally in the comic book industry for 15 years, in editing, marketing, and journalism. Her novel Half a Person is available on Amazon, Kobo, and Scribd. Learn more about her at Articles

Elizabeth Brei holds an MFA from San Diego State University. She's written for HelloGiggles and Loser City. When she's not hanging with her cats, Moo and Mai Tai, she's working her dream job at Disneyland.1 Articles

Karoline started with Manga and then slowly discovered the rest of the big comic world. Now they're desperately failing at catching up with ALL the classics while cultivating a nice collection of (especially German) Indie- and self publushed comics of all styles. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, though beware of queerness.1 Articles

Judy I. Lin is a Taiwanese-Canadian writer living on the Prairies. She enjoys board games, tea lattes, and binge-watching Korean and Chinese dramas. She can be found on twitter @judyilin.1 Articles

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