Marina Berlin grew up in a coastal city far, far away and holds degrees in Film, Sociology and East Asian Studies. She's currently working on her first fantasy novel.1 Articles

Karoline started with Manga and then slowly discovered the rest of the big comic world. Now they're desperately failing at catching up with ALL the classics while cultivating a nice collection of (especially German) Indie- and self publushed comics of all styles. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, though beware of queerness.1 Articles

Whitney is currently a student majoring in literary studies. When she's not breaking her neck over a writing deadline, or testing the limits on how much coffee one person can consume, she's probably laughing at the cute things her dog does.1 Articles

Marcy Cook is a creator of short stories, comic scripts, interviews and articles. She’s also a semi-professional cat wrangler with an insatiable lust for Lego. When not slapping words together she’s a sci-fi geek, comic book fan and avid reader. Follow her on Twitter: @marcyjcook1 Articles

Zed Alexandra is a sequential artist living in Vancouver, BC where she puts her passion for storytelling to work across comics and short film. Her stories examine love, identity and transformation.1 Articles

Tia Vasiliou is a former art historian currently working in the digital comics world. You can find her being non-compliant on Twitter @PortraitofMmeX1 Articles

Gabby Taub is a social media editor by day and a fiction writer by night. When she's not watching Vine compilations on YouTube or hoarding books, she's on Twitter @gabbinks yelling about how close we were to having an Asian-American Iron Fist.1 Articles

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