Angela Yuen is a student from San Jose, California who has an alarming obsession with Parks and Rec and Doctor Who. You can find her book reviews at The Rumpus and her interviews at Margins Magazine. She would like to pursue a career in writing if she can survive school somehow. Tweet @AngelaYuen_

Megan writes, edits, and studies writing and editing. On WWAC she reviews comic book stores, comics, and TV, and gives dubious advice upon request. She's also the boss. She likes pie, space vampires, science and the artwork of Gustav Klimt.

Cat mom, blogger and cheese enthusiast. Business geek by day, boardgamer by night. Fueled by coffee and questions.

Jazmine Joyner is Co-Owner of Visionary Comics in Riverside, California. In her free time she likes to write, play video games, and read.

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