Whitney is currently a student majoring in literary studies. When she's not breaking her neck over a writing deadline, or testing the limits on how much coffee one person can consume, she's probably laughing at the cute things her dog does.1 Articles

Heather Davidson writes words and builds websites for fun and profit. She lives in London with her girlfriend and their two cats, Frida Katlo and Amelia Purrheart. You can find her on Twitter @heatherlauren.1 Articles

Elizabeth Howard is a geek who lives in Ponder, TX and works full time as a graphic designer and social media manager. Her online shop Wilde Designs opened in 2007 and is the artist’s playground where she tries out new techniques in digital and traditional art as well as crafting mediums. When she isn’t working, Beth spends her time at home with her husband Wes, her son Pike, and their three dogs.1 Articles

Onicia Muller is a writer, comedian, and a creative with type-A tendencies. She helps artists friends get organized so they can launch their projects and achieve world domination!1 Articles

Lara Keilbart writes and does podcasts about comics, books, films and video games for the German magazines and Peter Parker was her first love, Silk is her latest. She dreams of sass and sorcery.1 Articles

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