Editor-In-Chief. Megan was born in Toronto. She's still there. Philosopher, space vampire, heart of a killer.445 Articles

The rock that drops on your head. WWAC Features & Opinions Ed. Find me at claire.napier@wwacomics.com388 Articles

Brenda works in tech by day and as a geek, maker, STEM community builder by night. She uses her super hero powers for the good of all kind.301 Articles

WWAC Assistant Editor and Left Hand. Also, mother, geek, gamer, writer, blogger, bibliophile. Not necessarily in that order.323 Articles

Former senior editor for WWAC. BA in criminals (a minor in daydreams). Batman seeks her advice constantly. Bylines at Book Riot, Teen Vogue, Slate, The Toast and Hyperallergic.297 Articles

Smashing the patriarchy with glitter, pink lipstick, and cowboy boots. You can follow her on Instagram @ginnistonik292 Articles

Angel Cruz is a writer and boy band scholar. You can also find her at Book Riot for endless discussion and flailing over all things literature. Ice cream, Broadway musicals, and Arashi are her lifeblood.202 Articles

Editor of Games Section. Expert on chronic/terminal illness. Collector of Illness Comics. Chicagoan. Jewish. Gay.219 Articles

Books Editor. Maple Flavoured Darth Vader Fangirl.185 Articles

Recovering academic. Fangirl. Geek knitter.198 Articles

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