It's a large infographic that reads: 5 Reasons to play Mangaka - It's an adventure: Like with any creative group game, there's no way to tell where Mangaka will take you! Each round is based on shared themes and individual trends, so anything can happen! - It's a great icebreaker: I host a lot of events, but I've never been a karaoke or ice breaker game kind of gal. However, four rounds of Mangaka while dinner finishes cooking is an excellent way to see how your guests' brains work. - It can be for adults: While this game certainly can be played with kids, the themes and trends are flexible enough that a group of activists all got together to make some social media comics in four rounds. - It's accessible: This game made me realize how simple a comic can be and still mean so much. Players don't need to be artists to have a good time, stick figures and icons will do! - It's inspiring: After struggling with writer's block for months, I played a couple games of Mangaka and feel freed and ready to write again. The game is a low stress way to get creativity flowing. - The Details: Mangaka is designed by Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide, with art by Ike (Golden Sky Stories) and Eric “Woof” Muentes. See

Mangaka Jason Thompson