The Third Party

Enjelicious (creator)
Lezhin Comics

The Third Party, Lezhin Comics, 2017
What happens when the wealthy heiress of a popular company is ordered to mask her identity and work at her future workplace as an intern…where she meets a woman? An independent woman who sports professionalism, confidence, and sex appeal with plans to run away from her former life and always gets what she wants. What happens when these two come together and only one of them knows that what they’re doing is wrong?

The answers to these questions can be found in The Third Party, the ongoing yuri webmanhwa created by writer and artist Enjelicious. Currently publishing in English on Lezhin Comics, The Third Party has eighteen chapters and a consistent Monday update schedule.

The story follows Gu Jeong Hui, a young woman whose life was never hers and who only knows how to follow orders, such as the order to marry a man due to politics, even though they don’t wear rings or live together. When she is finally ordered to learn how to run her father’s company, Jeong changes her last name and interns under her superiors…one of them being her husband Kang Sang Hun, the company’s poster boy who attracts the eyes of women everywhere. But Kang is not Jeong’s concern; Moon Hae Jin, nicknamed P.D. Moon due to her position, seems to have her eyes on her. After several encounters and shared moments, the two ladies seem to have set their sights on each other. But Moon is unaware of Jeong’s marriage and Jeong isn’t prepared to handle Moon’s methods and her secret way of life.

The Third Party is a dramatic story which thrives on dramatic irony and hitting the reader with it’s drama when needed. Our characters only know what they are shown, and are drawn to each other by how mysterious they seem to be. Jeong is a living ghost trapped in a life that was never hers in the first place. She doesn’t know what she wants, only what her father wants her to do and be. Feelings like love and sexuality are alien to her; she was sheltered from experiencing such common emotions, making her a fragile doll that is dressed and moved by her owner.

Moon’s deadliest weapon is her sexuality. She gets what she wants from pleasing other women and has no problem with the fact that some of them are married. Moon is a business woman, brushing off love to focus on the goal of leaving Korea and kissing her old life goodbye. But when she gets close to Jeong, the feeling of “love” crashes into her life and she doesn’t know what to do with it or how it’ll affect her.

As much as the story would like for you to believe in Jeong’s marriage to Kang, these women are not in a “love triangle.” They’re exploring their feelings for each other as they are only interested in one another. The pair isn’t much concerned for Kang or other women, only each other and the strange feelings they’re experiencing. That isn’t to say they don’t experience guilt for what they’re doing, but little to no romantic feeling for other parties is present. What is present are problems, roadblocks, situations that will make you angry, scared, and happy for these characters. Just like in life itself, our ladies grow and are challenged, having to find a solution to the problems they’re presented even though some of them may not be the best. This is what makes the characters likable and believable — they’re human beings caught in a predicament and are finding their footing.

The mahwa is well written and paced. The dialogue doesn’t feel forced or cheesy and the actions of characters are believable. The romance and drama isn’t rushed and feels realistic. The ladies in this manhwa are beautifully drawn, from their bodies to their sex appeal, thought and care was put into the design and writing of our leading ladies and supporting cast. However the characters don’t blend well into their environment as backgrounds are blurred and characters and objects standout.

So, do you want a well drawn and presented dramatic story with understandable characters that are put into heart pounding and rage inducing situations? Then you should read The Third Party.