It’s May and there’s a whole new crop of interesting comics projects out there to throw your money at! These crowdfunded comics include anthologies, creator-owned series, autobio, and one publisher bundle.

The Beyond Anthology 2 + The Beyond Anthology 1 Reprint
Sfé R. Monster & Taneka Stotts (editors)

The initial Beyond Anthology smashed their fundraising goal of $22,000, ending up with almost $80,000 to create a brilliant book full of queer sci-fi and fantasy comics. If you missed out the first go-around, this is your chance to help fund volume two, support 39 creators, and get a hardcopy of the first anthology. A lot of bang for your buck, volume 2 has 27 all-ages stories in 350+ pages, and both anthologies are also available as digital rewards.

How to Be Alive, Tara Booth, Retrofit 2017Retrofit Comics Spring 2017: 6 new graphic novels & comics
Zach Hazard Vaupen, Laura Ķeniņš, Tara Booth, Yuichi Yokoyama, Warren Craghead III and Will Cardini (creators)

Retrofit, a publisher run by Box Brown and Jared Smith, has another great season of indie creators lined up for spring. The six books run the gamut from by Laura Ķeniņš’ Steam Clean, a story of women in a sauna grappling with identity, to Yuichi Ykoyama’s surrealist Iceland, Retrofit’s first translated work. If you’re interested in avant garde comics, this is a good bundle to grab — but they also offer reward tiers for each individual book if only one strikes your fancy. Digital is available, but Retrofit is an indie publisher that takes care with their printed products, so if you prefer the feeling of a book in your hands you won’t be disappointed with the quality of theirs.

That Girl Comics, TGC Collective, 2017That Girl Comic
TGC Collective

Known previously as Team Girl Comic, the TGC Collective is a Glasgow-based group of women who have published 12 zines and books with a mix of DIY publishing and crowdfunded comics. Appropriately, as their group grows, That Girl Comic is an anthology of Scottish women’s stories focused on the theme of ‘growing up.’ Their book will be at least 40 pages of black and white comics, and will be available as both a digital and print product.

Strong Female Protagonist: Book Two
Brennan Lee Mulligan (writer), Molly Ostertag (artist)

Okay, this Kickstarter probably doesn’t need any more hype — it’s robustly funded at this point. But I figured I’d include it just in case there’s someone out there who’s missed the news that book two is being funded. This book will include chapters five and six, which explore what happens to the titular Alison Green after she unmasks and goes to college. You can get digital or print, and there are bundles that include book one.

 Short Order Crooks, 2017Short Order Crooks
Christopher Sebela (writer, letterer), Lesley Atlansky (colorist), George Kambadais (artist)

Rockwell Granger and Harper Marbury both work and live on the fringes of what’s legal an what’s not, “freelancing” or stealing. Granger has always wanted to own a restaurant, Marbury has always wanted to be a cook, and together they end up running a foodtruck. The life is more like their old one than expected, complete with turf wars. Combine that with Granger’s problem with loansharks, the story looks to be five issues full of cooking and exciting action. Short Order Crooks first arc will be available either as each issue as released or you can choose to wait for it to be completed — digitally or in print.

So You're a Ref, Anne Thalheimer, 2017So You’re a Ref…?
Anne Thalheimer (creator)

Anne Thalheimer has been a roller derby referee since 2008, and has been creating autobio comics for even longer (since 1995!). So she has quite the well of stories to draw from, including officiating in three countries, airport runs, hurricanes, and, of course, pranks. She has a timeline to debut at Small Press Expo, and perks include water color paintings of roller derby booty shorts.

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