Welcome back to another week of Previously on Comics! If I haven’t mentioned how glad I am to not be writing weekly news round-ups exclusively about Marvel, the last two weeks have reminded me. It’s been fuck up after fuck up, to put it bluntly, and I’m going to defer to the words of the incredible G. Willow Wilson about both the diversity issue and the Ardian Syaf situation and leave it at that.

So today I’m going to focus on announcements, because when The Discourse gets to be too much, sometimes you need to focus on the future. I will cover one more bit of Marvel news, which is to say that one of the best news coming out of Star Wars Celebration this weekend, other than the teaser trailer and just like, everything, is the news that Marvel will be publishing a new Captain Phasma miniseries

Captain Phasma #1 cover, Marvel, art by Paul Renaud

If this means Gwendoline Christie might get a solo movie, I am all for it.

But the publishing panel revealed an even bigger surprise–that Marvel was soon to no longer be the only comics publisher publishing Star Wars comics. It was also announced at Star Wars Celebration that IDW would be publishing an ongoing Star Wars series aimed at younger readers. As the i09 exclusive explains:

“This isn’t the first time IDW and Star Wars have crossed paths, of course—they’re currently responsible for releasing upcoming collections of the old Star Wars newspaper comics, and other collection books. But Star Wars Adventures marks a big change, considering this is the first ongoing series being made outside the purview of Lucasfilm’s current licensing deal with Marvel for Star Wars comics.” 

Also the promo art by Chris Samnee is pretty cool.

Star Wars Adventures art by Chris Samnee

 Star Wars Adventures would probably win best anthology comic announcement of the week if Image didn’t beat them out with the announcement of a Bitch Planet anthology comic this same week. The comic has been notoriously plagued by delays, and so it’s nice to see longtime fans will be getting something in the interim.

Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1, cover art by Valentine De Landro.

According to the press release, the anthology, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 is due out this June and features three stories, “Windows,” by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Maria Fröhlich; “Without and Within,” by Andrew Aydin and Joanna Estep; and “The Invisible Woman,” by Conley Lyons and Craig Yeung.

Other announcements:

“At some point, years ago, I started to wonder what the Arthurian legend might look like if they were written as a horror story. I thought about it so much, I guess, that I started dreaming about it. I woke from one of those dreams and scribbled the sentence ‘The demon, who had no name in his own tongue, but would come to be called Merlin by mortals, uncoiled its serpentine body and slithered out of the shadows.’ That was over 20 years ago, but I still have the notebook where I first pondered the concept.”