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I have two pairs of leggings packed with sound words, panel fragments, screen tone bits, and some body parts/heads in this typical US-Superhero style. They’re from a European clothing store chain called “New Yorker.” In fact, it’s the same model in monochrome and in bright colors, the “manga version” and the “comic version,” kind of. I first saw them in the storefront while walking through the city; it must have been about four years ago or something. I immediately liked them, but hesitated to buy them on that day, because I was a poor student, and because they felt intimidatingly bright to me. So I went on, but they kinda got stuck in my head.

Leggings & comics
When I went to that store the next time (a couple of weeks later), I went in with the plan to buy a pair and found out that the design was also available in monochrome and I fell in love right on the spot. Thankfully, the fit was nice so I bought a pair in monochrome, and they immediately became my favourites! The design is so much “me,” and I really like the way they look on my legs. Other people also complimented me on these in a very nice way, which rarely happens to me at all! I also bought the brightly colored ones a few weeks later and just got the last one in my size with a little hole in the fabric, but I didn’t care! I just needed to have them on the spot. The most memorable thing I remember is wearing them to an autograph session with Yanick Paquette and getting compliments from a random comics nerd!
I was never a fashionable person so these pieces of clothing really boosted my confidence in my style. I wore them down until both of them had large holes along the seams (cheap quality after all), but I still can’t get myself to throw them in the trash.

Leggings & comics

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Karoline started with Manga and then slowly discovered the rest of the big comic world. Now they're desperately failing at catching up with ALL the classics while cultivating a nice collection of (especially German) Indie- and self publushed comics of all styles. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, though beware of queerness.

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