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Channel the FlashBack Film Fest 2017 into Your Flux Capacitor

FlashBack Film Fest 2017Forget the fancy special effects, 3D glasses, and digital this and that. The Flashback Film Festival is taking us back to a time when witty one liners, crazy action, and sly story lines were the order of the day. Why wait for the Hollywood reboot when you can watch the originals, once again on the big screen just as the gods intended!

The event formally known as the Great Digital Film Festival will take place on February 3 to 9, 2017 at 24 Cineplex theatres across Canada and feature a line up that pushes all the right nostalgia buttons. From Jurassic Park to Fargo and some Starship Troopers and more in between, dedicating a day or two (or seven) to popcorn and some of the best films the ’80s and ’90s had to offer sounds like an excellent use of a film lover’s time.

The festival’s theatrical line-up is curated with great care each year. This year, author and film critic Richard Crouse lends his expertise.

“The great thing about this festival is that audiences will have a chance to relive these movies in the way they were meant to be seen; on a big screen, with an audience,” says Crouse. “The best and most powerful way to see a movie is to fully immerse yourself in the theatre experience, surrounded by people who are enjoying it just as much as you are. I’m personally looking forward to seeing films like Fight Club, Blade RunnerThe Final Cut, Pulp Fiction and Shallow Grave in all their glory.”

Brad LaDouceur, Vice President of Event Cinema is looking forward to another exciting festival week, and took the time to answer a few questions about the event.

Flashback Film Fest is the new identity of the Great Digital Film Fest. What evolution has the festival undergone in its eight years to prompt this change?

A great festival should always evolve. This started out at one theatre as sort of a “geek-fest”of science fiction and cult films, and each year we heard more and more from fans who wanted it in their cities and gave us great films they would like to see. We then work with our partners at the studios to find out what has been remastered and work each year to build out an exciting week.

How much involvement do you personally have with the curation of the films? What does the selection process involve?

I have a great team who, along with film expert Richard Crouse, work together to find the films we haven’t run in the past and films that might pair up well. With the change to “Flashback Film Fest” we wanted to open up the film selection to add more variety to this year. So one evening you can see the first Cohen Brothers 1985 film, Blood Simple, a crime thriller with their black comedy, Fargo,  both starring Frances McDormand and the next, a Harrison Ford Thriller Double Bill, The Fugitive and Air Force One.

Any particularly nostalgic favourites in the line-up this year?

When I ran theatres, I remember playing Ridley Scott’s Legend in cinema and loved the performance that Tim Curry delivered as Darkness, I really loved the score by Tangerine Dream as well. Anytime you can pair a great film with a matching amazing soundtrack I’m hooked. I also love that film fans quote The Princess Bride or Groundhog Day. I think if you listen closely you will hear the audiences quoting along with Stephen Tobolowsky’s character Ned: “Phil? Hey, Phil? Phil! Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!

One of your goals last year was to increase fan involvement. How has this been integrated into this year’s festival?

Social media has really played a big role in how we interact with our fans. We want them tweeting at the screenings, before and after the film starts telling their friends what they’re seeing and, as well, giving us recommendations on what films they would love to see next year! This year with the renaming to Flashback Film Fest we’re excited to see what their ideas will be with genres of films they would like in the years to come. ​

Will you be catching any of the films at this year’s festival? Tell us what movies you’re looking forward to!