I’ve never been much into fashion for myself, in the sense that, whilst I love clothes and designer dresses and am nigh-on obsessed with watching those Next Top Model shows just for the styling, I’ve never really sat and thought about styling myself. I think this is partly because I’ve never been rich enough to slather myself in all the best clothes, but mostly it’s because I use my clothes to express myself and who I am. And who I am isn’t a super-rich celebrity model person with a thousand outfits in her wardrobe. Who I am is a massive nerd. I love comics, movies, nerdy TV shows, collecting toys, and podcasting about all those things.

True story–I own so many nerdy t-shirts from those “cheap tee for one day only!” websites that one day, whilst trying to decide whether I was feeling more in a Deadpool or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt place, the railing in my wardrobe spectacularly gave up on life, spewing multi-coloured professions of my nerd loves all over me. And honestly, I was quite proud of that collection. Each t-shirt tells you something about me, what I like, the kinds of things I enjoy, and this hints at the kind of person I am.

Nerdy t-shirts christmas jumper rick & morty

I’ve recently started trying to sneak my nerdiness into my work wardrobe too; just the other day, I went to work dressed in a long sleeved blue top, brown skirt, and long white cardigan. There are one or two people in my office who are similarly nerdy, and it felt great to have them recognize my work-safe feminine take on Rick & Morty’s Rick Sanchez. I choose a lot of my clothes quite carefully, because when I wear something, I want to feel comfortable, and I want to feel like me. And you don’t get more me than wearing your geek loves right there on your sleeve.

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