6 panels from “The Wicked + The Divine” #4 by Kieron GIllen. Art by Jamie McKelvie, letters by CLayton Cowles with coloring by Matthew Wilson. The first depicts a shocked 14-year-old Minerva, eyes wide behind her round sunglasses. 2nd panel: an umimpressed and slightly annoyed Sakhment. She’s clearly modeled on Rihanna, but closer to 16. 3rd panel: an uncaring black Baal. 4th panel: Annake, an ancient white woman with a long-suffering expression and lacy mask on her face. 5th panel: Woden, his expression unreadable under his Darft Punk-like helmet. 6th panel: Atsumi, a white girl wearing a white hood over fiery red hair, red makeup in a fire design around her eyes, and a slightly pitying expression.