Teen Titans Go! #18 written by J. Torres. Pencils by Mike Norton and inks by Larry Stucker. Six panels, three on top, three on bottom In the first one Starfire’s hair has been zapped by Larry the Titan’s power and become so humongous a cat becomes caught in it? In the second Beast Boy’s costume is switched his original red and white from his days on the Doom Patrol. In the third panel Cyborg’s implants have disappeare dand he’s wearing a tracksuit and sporting a handful of medals. In the fourth panel Raven’s hair and skin have turned white and red respectively and another pair of glowing eyes added to make her look like her father. She’s wearing a black skirt with the phrase “I’m not goth, I’m just drawn that way” and the skirt and gloves from her classic Perez design. In the fifth panel Robin’s costume’s been zapped back to his 50’s days with scaly underoos, prompting him to ask Larry, “Let’s try that again…and this time, with pants please…” Larry giggles in the last panel and agrees.